Vancouver Native Pentecostal Church


Article 1 - NAME


The name of the society is Vancouver Native Pentecostal Church


Article 2 - PURPOSES


The purposes of the society are:


2.01            To establish and maintain a place of worship of Almighty God, as revealed in the Bible, the Word of God, where people of all nationalities, cultures and races are welcomed and may find Christian fellowship and community.


2.02            To openly and sensitively share the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world, by all available means, both at home and in foreign lands, through local church activity and international missions outreach programs.


2.03            To nurture and train believers to grow in their faith and to walk in righteousness through the knowledge of the Word of God and Christian principles, by all available means, including preaching, teaching, prayer, and other ministry or discipleship programs, helping individuals, couples and families to grow in grace.


2.04            To accept, uphold, and promote the Statement of Faith, also known as the Statement of Fundamental and Essential Truths, as approved by the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, in accordance with the Holy Scriptures which we believe to be God’s final revelation and constitute all-sufficient rule for faith and practice by Members and Adherents of the Church.


2.05            To spread the love of God through practical demonstration of Christian love and service, by meeting both emotional and physical needs of others, through alleviation of poverty, providing education, water, food and/or other financial assistance to those in need both at home and abroad as we are able.


2.06            To.provide a safe environment for First Nation believers, as well as believers of other cultures, where they can freely express their faith within the context of their native culture.


2.07            To offer encouragement, counsel, comfort, forgiveness and hope to the abused, wounded, depressed, sick and hurting through the knowledge of God’s love, the forgiveness of sins found in Christ Jesus, and the power of the Holy Spirit.


2.08            To purchase or acquire by gift, bequest or otherwise, either directly or as trustee, and to own, hold in trust, use, sell, convey, mortgage, lease, or otherwise dispose of any real estate or chattels as may be necessary for the furtherance of the Church’s charitable purposes; all in accordance with its Constitutions and Bylaws or as the same may be hereafter modified or amended.


2.09            To constitute this society as a local assembly in fellowship with The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada and to share in the privileges resulting from affiliation with same.