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Hospital Visitation Ministry Our Hospital Visitation Ministry is intended to carry out the instructions of Jesus to "visit the sick." He said that when we respond to someone in need, we are responding to Him. As His ambassadors, we become His hands and His feet in order to be a blessing to those who are hurting. Our ambition is to bring comfort and the gospel message to those who are in our local hospitals, medical centers, recovery homes, and individual residences.

Corrections Ministry We take the Bible literally as what it is, the inspired Word of God. It is our firm belief that even the most hardened of criminals, or troubled youth offenders, can be touched and changed forever by the power and love of our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ.

We also provide free counseling and encouragement, not only for repentant convicts and juveniles who want to turn from their past and live for Jesus (see Isaiah 61:1, John -13 and 2 Corinthians ), but also for incarcerated new believers and backsliders who are struggling hard to understand the Bible and to live the Christian faith.

VNPC Evangelism Outreach Ministry Our Outreach Ministry provides encouragement, resources and networking for congregations as they reach out to those in their communities.


(1) advocate for sharing the Gospel with those who are struggling hard to understand the Bible and to live the Christian faith;

(2) train Christians and churches in evangelism and help them reach their own community; and,

(3) mobilize members of our church to share the gospel and the love of Christ with those who do not know Jesus Christ as their savior.

Discipleship Training The purpose of Discipleship Training is to help believers in our congregation to grow into mature devoted disciples of Jesus Christ through intentional discipleship training. To help this happen we have prepared a cyclical training series to help turn ‘seekers’ into believers, believers into disciples, and disciples into disciple-makers.

Training includes:

(1) Mentorship;

(2) Skills Training; and,

(3) Bible Study.

Sunday School Our Kid's Sunday School is our source for fresh, creative Children's Ministry resources, Sunday school lessons, Bible crafts, activities, object lessons, stories, skits, games, songs & much more. Teaching Sunday school has never been so much fun!

Downtown Eastside Food Ministry Our Downtown Eastside Food Ministry is designed to be a provisions relief program that reaches out to everyone in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, BC. This dynamic ministry crosses all denominational lines and brings the body Christ together in a joint effort to share the Love of Jesus. This provides an outstanding opportunity to reach out to the local community in a positive manner and invite new visitors to the church who otherwise may not come.

Aboriginal Regional Training Seminars We will evangelize our Aboriginal people and establish and plan Aboriginal churches.

Our Aboriginal Regional Training Seminars provide:

      1. Conveyance of the message;

      2. Assurance that believers will join a local church and mature in Christ;

      3. Establishment of regional training centres;

      4. Development of energetic, vigorous discipleship programs;

      5. Training for lay leaders;

      6. Further training for pastors;

      7. Facilitation on church growth;

      8. Planting of churches; and,

      9. Promotion intercessory prayer. (Breakthrough Aboriginal Ministries)

Canadian Native Bible College Our Native Bible College is devoted to providing the necessary program of study and time to teaching the Gospel. Through faith, service, excellent Bible teaching, biblically integrated education and cross-cultural missions’ education, we strive to develop and prepare a new generation with the understanding of their connection and responsibility to the Body of Christ and its global mission.

Aboriginal Family Camp Our Aboriginal Family Camp has been built on a foundation of ministry in the name of Jesus Christ and exists for His Glory. We assist Aboriginal families to build upon their capacity and strengths, utilizing a holistic approach in the provision of Christian family support and community development services. The project aims to: increase families' understanding, knowledge and skills about Christ leading to improved family well-being; increased linkages between Christian Aboriginal families and family support services; and increase the community's understanding of how to support Aboriginal Christians.

Youth Ministry Evangelism, Fellowship, Worship, Discipleship, and Ministry is why this Student Ministry exists. The ultimate challenge in every generation of the church is to "make disciples." While every culture has its obstacles, the imperative remains... win, build and send disciples--disciplined followers of Jesus Christ.The goal of VNPC Youth Ministry is to equip the church to make disciples of Jesus Christ, so our Youth Ministry carries the three-fold philosophy of "Win, Build, and Send."

Christian A.A. Program The term "recover" actually does appear in the Bible in 2 Timothy 2:26. The Greek word used there, "ananepho" actually means to "return to a state of soberness, as from a state of delirium or drunkenness." Our Christian A.A. Program emphasizes the fact that it is a process and not something that happens in an instant and implies an on-going activity, rather than a one time act.Visitors to group meetings share their experiences, challenge successes and failures, and provide peer support for each other. Many people who have joined this group report they found success through Jesus Christ that previously eluded them. We encourage Visitors to group meetings to actively and consciously engage in an on-going process of separation from their old sinful way of life and to increasingly set themselves apart to God through a continual renewal of their minds.

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